The statistics of online gambling

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Online gambling games are a good way of passing time for those who enjoy getting some action at the tables. Before the internet became a thing, you had to get out of your house and go find a land-based casino in order to have some action but that has changed today. Now you can easily use your phone to play as many casino games as you want. Online gambling makes gambling very easy and convenient, but that is not all good because in as much as you enjoy the convenience, you have to contend with the possibility of addition and all the other risks that are associated with gambling online. Being able to gamble money away easily and conveniently is a huge problem for those who don’t have self-control.

Let us take a look at some of the statistics that relate to online gambling.

Online gambling facts and stats

The first fact I am going to present to you about online gambling is that online casino didn’t exist until the year 1996 when the first online casino was created. The casino was based in Antigua and was launched in August of that year. There were 18 games in that online casino in total. The people behind this project had no idea what they had set in motion because they little experiment would give birth to a multi-billion industry only a few decades later.

The online casino industry has hundreds of operators with millions of players all over the world. There are some countries where gambling is more profound than in other, but in general, there is an upward trend in adoption of gambling habits.

The first gambling online gambling site was created in 1996 and 9 years later in 2005, the industry was worth 12 billion US dollars. A year later in 2006, the industry had grown to 15.2 billion dollars and by 2010, it was worth 29.3 billion.

A shift that merged online and traditional gambling

When online gambling was first introduced, land-based casinos did everything in their power to avoid being affiliated with them. Owners of land-based casinos were afraid of having their revenues cannibalized by online casinos. Well, they tried everything they could to ensure a clear separation between online and traditional gambling. However, like they say, you cannot stop an idea whose time has come and owners of traditional land-based casinos learned that the hard way. New online casinos kept coming up to a point that owners of land-based casinos realized that they were fighting a losing war. They knew they couldn’t win the war, so they decided to join the winning team and soon land-based casinos started offering online gambling as well. That gave birth to even more online gambling sites such as w88th.

Who plays online casino games?

Online casino games are played by people from all age groups, but youngsters seem to engage in this activity more than people in other age groups. There are a few reasons why there are more youngsters engaging in gambling than other people and one of them is because they want some quick cash. Lack of experience makes them try to get money in places one cannot or should not.